Friday, September 5, 2014

What teaching is at TFI

Today is a day on which my belief, pride and joy about my profession is restored - it is Teachers Day. I would like to add to the celebrations by writing a small reflective post on what it is to be a teacher at Teach For India.

  • Achievers quit their high paying jobs to teach. 
  • Rich adults lead a lower middle class life out of choice. 
  • Teachers spend on kids from their pockets. 
  • Fellows ignore fever, cold, headaches, body aches to be in class each day, every day.
  • Socially active folks give up on going out and partying. First comes the school and then everything else in life. 
  • The conversations always revolve around the kids. 
  • These leaders give up on a few personal relationships to just be here to teach. 
  • The fellows undergo a substantial, accelerated personal change; their spirituality grows immensely.
  • Money becomes the last thing on one's mind. 
  • Fellows assess themselves on how well they are able to spread the love rather than how much material wealth they are able to acquire. 
  • All stigmas about caste, financial status, religion and language get shattered. 
  • One becomes highly reflective about one's actions.
All the above mentioned affairs occur not just once in the duration of fellowship but repeat everyday. I am grateful for getting this opportunity and humbled by all the learning I have had in the past 1.5 years.