Monday, June 22, 2015

Why people don't change!

Here is an excerpt from a book that I have absolutely enjoyed reading:

"When  a belief is  an ideology , used  to justify group  the way of life of a  social , it  will be  difficult  for the members of that  community to  consider it objectively.  There  will be  strong  social  pressures  to conform to it  and  acknowledge it.  People  will feel  that  their set of beliefs, even  if perhaps open  to some  theoretical  difficulties, contains  vitally  important insights,  and  a vision of  essential truths that  have  practical importance.   For  many  people  to question  their theory of  human nature is  to  threaten  what gives  meaning, purpose and hope to their  life, and thus  to cause  them psychological discomfort  or  distress.   Inertia,  and unwillingness  to  admit that  one is wrong, often  plays a  part here.   If  one  has  been brought up in  a certain belief and its associated way of  life, or if one  has converted  to  it and followed  its  precepts, it takes  great courage to question or abandon one’s life commitment."

Ten Theories of Human Nature, Leslie Stevenson and David.L Haberman

Monday, June 8, 2015

The Far Side Gallery4 by Gary Larson

This book is hilarious. The humor is wasted on those whose G.K is poor. One needs to be aware of
  • World and American history
  • Pop culture
  • Animal and plant kingdoms (chracteristics of different animals)
  • Major events 
  • Literature
But if you enjoy geeky literature then grab this book in the humor section. Here is a link to the snippets of jokes from the book.