Thursday, March 19, 2015

These are a few of my favorite things :)

Days fortunately spent among children, children of angelic age of 5 to 11.
Greetings every morning with kids running to me and hugging any part of me that they can get hold of.
Pleas for chocolate and another story book.
Shy comments about how pretty I look that day.
An additional layer of kajal and a new earring can make me feel like a beauty queen among these tots.
A running, messy child.
A Soheil from grade 1 who is every so slovenly and ever naughty.
2 feet tall Arpitha from junior KG who gives me the best smile every day.
The kindest helper didi whose day doesn't begin without a hug from me.
Juveriya, who is always late to the class.
Juveriya, who is ever feisty.
Juveriya, who is the best dreamer of my class.
Juveriya, the name that fills most part of my heart.
Mr.A with collar button neatly done, leaving open the rest!
Crazy Anas who calms down with one touch.
Ronak, who refuses to ever give me a hug.
Aryan, who wins the award for being matured than the rest.
Chotu, whose front teeth haven't grown for the past 4 years.
Naziya, who places a kiss on cheeks every time she meets me and declares that I am the best didi in the world.
Yaseen! How I wish he were a little shorter to fit in my pocket.
The red dust of playground that chokes me, yet is like a breath of life.
Tears on a silly quarrel of pencil box.
Swear words and the apologies.
Reading time. That magical moment where I can hear the breathing of every single child.
The excitement over unopened book parcels.
The complaints over hand pain and leg bruises.
The sweat, dirt and smile after a football match.
Mufid, the ebony colored child with the dazzling eyes.
Mariam, who chides me for missing many of our evening one-on-one conversations.
Sakshi, whose sincerity puts me to shame every day.
Firdos, who retaught what kindness and joy are in life.
Souliha, the proud girl.
Guddu, the frivolous and the cutest looking child ever!
Asif and Fardeen, the undisputed sweethearts.