Saturday, September 15, 2012


'Harsha' or happiness is the aim of every being on earth; it is the pursuit of life, a means and the destination by itself. All great men in history have tried to define it in epics, philosophies, stories, songs and various other forms of expression. Men, great and mundane have tried to find it- some through love and some through wars. The elusive happiness intrigues every other possible stage of human life with its promising sense of peace.The word 'harsha' is the first name for my blog that crossed my mind. It is all but natural that I could call my blog by no other name.

There are three important reasons why naming the blog 'Harsha' is apt for me. The most influential person in my life right now is called Harshith-the joyful one, rightfully named so for he always brings joy and happiness to me. Lately since I expanded my reading habits to include more number of non-fictional books and videos, I have subconsciously concentrated to read and grasp matters on the concept of happiness. I have grown to realize that every action I do is centered around achieving happiness. The last reason for the name is that I connect instantly to books I read - immersing in the topics discussed, pondering over the opinions mentioned and trying to adopt the values into my own life in one way or the other. I seem to derive happiness out of every book I read. Books are my happiness agents in that they make me feel right in reading them and befriending them.

The blog will be a collection of my views on things I read which affect me. I hope to preserve the thoughts which come to me when I finish reading something. The blog would serve as an archive of the influences books have on me.


  1. A great start for a blog I must say. I had a smile on my face throughout the time I was reading the blog :)

    Your blog has started to spread happiness :) (Although that wasn't a goal you started with ;) )

    Will wait for more on this space :)

    1. Thank you Deepthi :) believe me spreading happiness is always the goal ;)