Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Expectations hurt!!

The Casual Novel

I usually refrain from writing reviews for my unfinished reads. But here is an exception, an unfortunate exception to my behavior. I do not intend to give my review for this book as a sign of respect to literature. A full fledged review which provides justice (as well as reveals the suspense) can be found here. Instead, I express here the disappointment of a fan and the frustration of a reader. 

I believe comparison is always an insult to a writer and with deep remorse I compare J.K.Rowling's writing with that of other adult fiction writers and her imagination with that of her own in Harry Potter series. This work is Rowling first contribution to adult fiction and what a waste of hype and talent. Rowling has insulted reader's sensibility by translating 'adult' fiction into mere erotic work of cheap taste. The book lacks intelligence of characters and brilliance of narration (which is almost always excruciatingly slow). The reader is thrown into a clumsy amalgamation of stereotypical characters, cliched behaviors and predictable dialogues and responses. The attention to details which HP books demanded is no more relevant in muggle world. So, Rowling did not have to explain removing gloves for a full paragraph! 

Just because the chosen genre is 'adult fiction' the teenagers as well as adults in the novel have vocabularies full of cuss words. Regardless of age, families and situations obscenity rolls of the characters' tongues. Any moment of intimacy seems vulgar and no teenager is free of smut. Drugs, abuse, sex, emotional trauma- these form the central idea of the novel. I have read and appreciated few of Sydney Sheldon's works which revolve around sex and violence for their purpose and maturity. But Rowling's version of adult comedy disgusted me in it's childish handling of serious matters such as rape, drugs and child mental health. Reader is grossed out with descriptions such as the hairy navel of an overweight husband, rounded belly blocking the penis from view, the "crusty" anus of a toddler and so on.

This novel is a pure disappointment for all the razzmatazz surrounding Rowling's adult fiction entry. The novel is Rowling's desperate attempt to establish her credibility as a writer outside her comfort zone. What repelled me more than the careless vulgarism was the lack of depth in bringing out emotions. They always had to find an obscene way to come out or not come altogether. Not able to take in more of this skewed narration I gave up reading the book midway. Perhaps out of sheer nostalgia of a great storyteller I might force myself to sit through the rest of the book but the day is still far ahead. Does Rowling's magic end with Albus Severus Potter bidding us bye or will her storytelling magic unfold before us many more marvels? As is the weakness of any fan, I too will wait for Rowling's next magic for I feel her journey as a writer is here to stretch. 

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  1. Totally agree with you...Phew!!cannot believe she created the whole HP magical world :-0 I Couldn't complete even 100pages of the book...Rowling needs to totally work hard if she's writing another BOOK FOR ADULTS and not a cheap erotica...

    1. Exactly!! Waste of money

    2. haha, a cheap adult fiction from J K Rowling! Wonder what made her write this book! But she has potential and she will go a long way.