Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Uncopyrighted achievers!!

The way is not in the sky
The way is in the heart
- Lord Buddha

If you believe you are lacking major resources to change your life and take action on the things you love, stop and think again. Aren't you fortunate enough and already in the best position of life to start being awesome? Nobody has the perfect partner, perfect parents, perfect friends and definitely not the perfect financial condition. I am fortunate enough to have found two such people who are creating wonderful lives for themselves and for others by doing things they love: Leo Babauta and Chris Guillebeau

Being an ardent follower of both of these men's lives, I read their influential e-books and could only claim to have been energized by doing so. 
  • The Effortless Life by Leo Babauta
    This handy e-book of no more than 79 pages is an amalgamation of all the simplicity and Zen ideas, Leo proposes in his blog. This book celebrates the simplicity and purity of everyday life. The target audience for this book is all people who want a proof of richness in simplicity.
  • 279 Days To Overnight Success by Chris Guillebeau
    Chris, who has traveled more than 125 countries (he is not even 35!!!!!) chalked down this short e-book to describe the hard work and marketing strategies that propelled him to self sustenance in just 279 days through a life of travelling and writing. 
These two books can be freely downloaded (mind you they are uncopyrighted) here:
These two books can form 7 blocks of your reading for 10 minutes!! 
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  1. Loved 'The Effortless Life' by Leo Babauta .. Thanks for the links!!

    1. Glad you bought his philosophy :)