Friday, March 15, 2013

Allow yourself to be confused

When the winds of change blow, some people build walls while others raise wind mills.
-Chinese Proverb

Most people fix onto their dear self with the fear of changing. They anoint their rigidity to change as 'clarity of future'. The decisions they made years ago and the principles they conceived during easy times become the edifice of their future decisions. This line of thought is divorced from the vision of progress. To achieve anything considerable one is supposed to choose from wide options. I am not up for the argument which says you should avoid confusions and stick to single option quests.

You should let your mind ponder over various paths available. Give your brain some food to think over your aspirations. The emotions you develop during the decision process let you know your true self. Life is not supposed to be a planned calendar. Instead you should always upgrade your dreams. As your capability grows, your dreams must change. Holding onto outdated dreams is like using your favorite old umbrella even after it has holes. It is just not worth your needs.

The options are universe's way to serve you the best things available. It is a chance to grab the best possible dream for you.

Be greedy.

Explore options. Learn about your limitations.

“Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?”
-Steve Jobs

Without options you might never know whether you want to join the navy or be a pirate. At the end you will have chosen what really suited your needs. 

Not being pigeon holed and having options frees you from blaming the fate. All the best alternatives will already be available to you.

Trick your mind. Choose crazy whenever possible. Take the leap of faith. 

Don't be monotonous. Spoil yourself by choices. Get the best. Be awesome. 

Plunge into happiness.


  1. Very nice.. I specially like the Steve jobs' quote!!!

    1. He is a brilliant visionary, a formidable revolutionary and the greatest non-conformist of our times!!

  2. Nice write Api. Brings a question to my mind though .. How many of us can "afford" to be confused in their lives?

    1. People who dare to 'afford' will make improvements in their lives Ashok. That is what I believe...

  3. When you factor in a price one has to or might have to pay/ bear, the reality bites and most of them sober down. It is not about taking an easy way out .. but understanding your position and putting things to context. ;-)

    1. Your life is nothing but a series of conscious decisions... the path you choose is up to you