Sunday, January 17, 2016


One of those days
The only movement you make is to crawl from one end of the bed to the other
The sun shine dims
The thirst, the hunger all wait to knock until you are ready to receive them
The phone calls have more pauses than words
Videos run in tandem with the stories that flow through novels
Sleep beckons you yet you are wide awake
Tomorrow seems further apart while today is a story of your slumber
A leaf rustles, a bike horns, a cat cries
Golden hues of the day light are arrested in the orange of your drapes
You plot a poem, novella and are waiting for the first word

That. Is when you seek yourself.


  1. It was a pleasure e-meeting you! I stumbled upon your profile on LinkedIn and read about your journey and accolades, with awe. I was literally sucked into this blog and I'm enjoying reading every bit of your writing. Ah! The pleasures of meeting someone with whom you can connect...

    1. Thank you for your generous compliments :)