Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Good leaders never talk about money

I have had the fortune of meeting leaders from various walks of life. I have been blessed to witness the works of student leaders, leaders in education, art, engineering, design, motivation, service, dance and spirituality. One common trait among all of them is that they do not talk money! However it is not to dismiss their understanding of finance in reaching their goals or meeting their teams' inspirations. Although they realize the importance of constant flow of funds and remuneration for their team members' work, seldom do they base their decisions on how much money flows in or out. They constantly define their actions based on the strong shared values and principles that they uphold and inspire people to meet their best performance under all circumstances. Their language is one of hope and motivation and is never infused with the threats of financial gains.

Good leaders
-talk of organisational or personal goal to set their milestones
-write about coherence of budget with their dreams
-incentivize their team members on the positive growth they have achieved
-evaluate the organisational or personal outcome on the yardstick of their vision and mission

It takes immense reflective capability for a leader to see gains beyond the monetary ones. The moment someone gets entangled in the woes of balance sheet and payslip, he/she is a mere manager of tasks and teams and not a leader!

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