Saturday, July 8, 2017

Life happens

Life happens
When you fall in love with someone you are not supposed to
In those travel plans that weren't planned
In that extra mile towards a downhill in a trek
With a friend that is too wild for your style
In the crumbs of all the little rules you've broken
In that fifth drink that made you a bit more than tipsy
In the folds of that joint you had under a big tree
In the skipped meetings and lectures
In the money saved by cooking a meal or two with your loved one
In the lucrative career path that you threw away for a lesser one
In your first public dance, the cacophonic karaoke
In those tears at the live poetry festival
In the wrinkles of your favourite book
In the coffee stained Sunday t-shirt you wear while gardening
In the sunny afternoons you spend waiting for a friend
In the magical moments where a stranger transforms into a lifeline

#wonderingwhatlifeis #writingpoetry #adaybeforeexams #whenicantstudyanymore

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