Thursday, November 29, 2012

Reading for 10 minutes!

Have you ever felt lost while trying to get a quick read? One usually feels there should be ample of minutes left in your schedule to pick up something to read. But is that hesitation really justified? I believe any small gap of joblessness is a good excuse to read. Still don't trust the philosophy of a quick read? Here is a list of readings one can do for a 10 minute break.

1. Read quotes on your favorite topic in mind. It can be any word under the sun.
2. Read about the pioneer of a field. Thinking about rest? Read how a pillow is manufactured.
3. Read stuff on 'how to' website. You definitely wouldn't be knowing about every way.
4. Read 5 pages of your holy book. If you are atheist just read to know what the big fuss is all about.
5. Read article on a topic unknown to you. Go surprise yourself.
6. Read about the phone in your hand.
7. Read about the operating system of your laptop/desktop/phone.
8. Read about the song you just heard in the morning. Browse for it's singer, music composer or the muse.
9. Read the headlines in your newspaper.
10. Read cartoon episodes such as Calvin and Hobbes, Garfield, SpiderMan etc. You are never too old for comics.
11. Read about the brands you wear. Levis, Gucci, Fendi, Khadi, GlobalDesi ... You never know completely about these brands, do you?
12. Read few pages of fiction. The only overdose which is beneficiary for brain is imagination.
13. Read about science. We have no excuse to not know basic science in this era of science and technology.
14. Read about the historical site in your town. Know thy city.
15. Read about festivities in your country and others.
16. Read about the names of vegetables and pulses you eat in your mother tongue and/or English.
17. Read about the current event in your city/country/world.
18. Read entirely about a disease you have faced in the past or the one troubling any of your family/friends. Awareness about diseases and their prevention is imperative.
19. Read about a famous game be it an online game, or a board game or a team game.
20. Read an informative non-fiction book, 10 pages at a time.
21. Read about a well known art work (painting, sculpture, natural formations).
22. Read about life history of famous warriors. 
23. Read about a legal policy which is the central topic of a latest scandal.
24. Read how to tie a tie. It has always been an underrated skill.
25. Read a serious essay/article about your area of work. When a seemingly daunting job is done in bits, the endurance becomes bearable.
26. Read how to overcome an annoying personal habit that has been bothering you for long. Knowing more about a habit of annoyance is the first step in overcoming it.
27. Read about a place you have been to in the past or that you plan to go in the future. Having knowledge about the culture, mannerisms and history of a place enriches the experience of tourism.
28. Read a grammar rule you always seemed to have trouble with.
29. Read about a profession.
30. Read about a national or international level exam.
31. Read a word and it's etymology.
32. Read about an NGO in your area. Awareness of social service organisations can somebody trigger a better person out of you.
33. Read about latest releases in the market for gadgets, books, clothes, accessories, jewellery and automobile.
34. Read about a famous educator in your area of expertise.
35. Read famous marketing strategies. 
36. Read a blog. Blogging world can open for you never seen before arenas.
37. Read everything about a pet you own. 
38. Read about wacky things supplemented with a lot of pictures. Go on. Stimulate your senses.
39. Read about wars. Wars and treaties are the elements which gave us a world that we live in today.
40. Read about mavericks, people who defied the usual norm and achieved far greater things. This instills a sense of awe in you.
41. Read a parody, a joke or a goofy story. You are happi in life as long as your funny bone is roaring alive.
42. See a lot of pictures on your favorite topic. Pictures are a great read (no kidding)
43. Read boards and banners on the road for 10 minutes. You will be amazed by how much your sense of local shops and locations increases.
44. Read about national/international leaders of your choice.
45. Read about another profession.
46. Read about another religion. I believe a great person becomes so by imbibing different perspectives of all religions and schools of philosophy.
47. Read about glamour/fashion/acting.
48. Read articles on flora and fauna
49. Read about tricks on the search engines and softwares you work on.
50. Read poetry. 


  1. 50 things to read .. Why not 100 .. :-)

    1. Let me finish doing all these 50 things! Maybe then I will come up with 50 more.

    2. I take one hour to read 10 pages!!! not ten minutes.... but this has inspired me to start reading for the 2nd time!!!! :P

    3. "51. Read my blog" yake bittu hoytu!

    4. :);) that is exactly what readers do while reading the list for other 50 reads..