Thursday, October 4, 2012

Not a book review!

Top 10 reasons to not read books:

The time invested in books can rather be utilized:

1. for meditation (in 'shavasana' on the bed for at least two hours - for the lack of a better word it can also be called sleeping!)

2. for travelling (going to a friend's place also involves some travel !! common)

3. for involving in intellectually stimulating debates (it is real important that the best cartoon movie be decided soon)

4. for watching educational videos (no kidding here - hundreds of documentary hours are there for our benefit)

5. for networking (facebooking is a crucial networking tactic-it requires a minimum of 2 hours per day)

6. for shopping (window shopping increases one's knowledge of current market trends and one's own financial stability!!)

7. for pranayama (after all smoking is the modern age India's new oceanic pranayama and one should quickly master the art with a lot of practice)

8. for information gathering (the language snobs hungry of concise expression have named this noble task as 'gossip' !! preposterous)

9. for exercising (what with all the brisk walk to catch bus/cab/auto!!)

10.numero uno reason (well logically numero diez reason)

The only reason to read books:

Blog about what you read and pose like a scholar!!!!!!! 


  1. Liked the current look of your blog ..

  2. There is a blog on top 10 reasons to read a book !!
    Thank you Ranjith for pointing it out :)