Friday, October 5, 2012

Politics for west, poli-tricks for east !!

A presidential election in America affects the entire world in big and small ways. And I couldn't miss to treat myself with reading (yes!! these days due to lack of video watching personal time, I read transcripts of almost everything) the great speeches of leading men/women American politicians. 
Their speeches are filth free in that they speak of only the candidate's contributions, ideology, schemes, policies and business. 
2008 presidential propaganda:

Barrack Obama: Yes we can; we want change

2012 presidential debate:
Mitt Romney: We want dollars; you can keep the change 

While the presidential candidates in America involve themselves in refined intellectual debates, violence free conventions and more than anything display decency in public; our Indian political scenario is something like this:

These cartoons are the creation of Satish Acharya. Many more cartoons can be found @ .

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