Monday, October 15, 2012

Woman of content!

A weekday morning 7:00am I wake up to an hour of hassle! I was left on my own since my parents had been on a trip. I experimented in the kitchen for a whole 40 minutes to make myself two chapattis, switched on the heater myself, was mindful of catching the paper at paper wala’s exact time. Not leaving enough time to wash clothes or clean utensils I ran to catch my cab to office. I took a nap for good 40 minutes in the cab.

After a thoroughly demanding day at work, I came home exhausted, only to see the daily chores charging at me again. As I reluctantly prepared myself a meager dinner I got a call from a distant cousin. Speaking to her after long, I found myself deeply engrossed and exchanging stories with her about everything happening or not happening in our lives unto my heart’s content. Instantly I found the hidden extra energy in me to finish up all house chores quickly. I lay on my bean bag, glued to a captivating book which had held my interest for about 2 weeks now. But for a strange reason I couldn’t enjoy reading the awe inspiring facts in the book. My thoughts kept drifting away to my cousin who is a working mother of two. Though she is like any other metro lady juggling family and career in her life, she carries a contagious fire of joy always burning inside her- I could feel it every time I spoke to her. It felt magically energizing!

I resumed reading the book in my hand. But no, it wasn’t meant to be. Once again I started recollecting my cousin’s arguments with her husband about delaying to conceive a baby. She wanted to complete her masters before jumping into this new responsibility. An ambitious girl, married young at 23, defending her dreams and wishes in an orthodox conservative middle class family was no easy task and she awed me no ends. I put away the book and started google-ing her articles. These were her best technical articles which won her many prizes in the blogging contests. Her indefatigable routine when she was a new mom only brought out the best in her. On the one hand she was determined to ensure the finest child care possible for her baby, on the other, the ambition in her refused to consider this a reason to sacrifice her career! The articles had such crisp confidence in them that anybody reading it could easily guess the writer to be an extremely intelligent and focused individual.

One more child in her life did not scare her of the responsibilities of an expanding family. She was a normal being like anyone else, having ups and downs in family as well as career. But she was distinguished in her foresighted reactions to them! She was outstanding at what she did - creating indispensable value for herself at work, yet being the most adorable member of her family. The second child born to her also brought with it a new academic escapade-her PhD dream. By now she had become effortless in achieving her dreams! I was so touched by the excitement with which she spoke of her thesis submission!

Of course it’s difficult for her to make time for the trekking and skiing she loves so much! But when I think of it I sigh to myself- making a lovable home, balancing an excellent career record, producing articles of high technical impact and being the reason for two children’s extraordinary intellectual and emotional growth, being a best friend to your husband and making your dreams a reality is far more important than missing a trekking outing. When managing the house chores for a single day becomes a hectic task for me how much I have got to learn from a lady like her!!

There are often examples of women doing extraordinary things coming from an ordinary background! There is an inexplicable transfer of energies when you see them in action! I went to bed extrapolating and thinking of how a rage of passion could turn into life force of individuals, driving them to extraordinary achievements!

P.S: This is my article published in the women newsletter of our company Deloitte Consulting India. 

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