Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Octo" minus 2

Wondering what this plain pink image is doing? 
Scratching your head over what the title of this post means? 

Well these two completely symbolize my friend, Anju. Octo (8) ber 6 (8-2) is her birthday and she is psychotically obsessed with the color pink. In a blog dedicated to books and the immense happiness they bring, why should a friend be mentioned? (stop your imagination right there-I don't have an imaginary 'Book friend' whom I call Anju). As I said in the first article of my blog, much of my effort goes in staying happi (intentional spelling error) and Anju is one person who carries with her all the time an imperishable stock of happiness. What one can learn about happiness from tens of books can be learnt by spending one day with Anju.

‘Waking up, now that September has ended’  I am all excited to celebrate her birthday and start my month of 'happiness'. I don't intend to write pages about our friendship but rather explain the world how easily and effortlessly one can be a 'treasure house of happiness'. Here is a list (lately I have been obsessed with making lists) of  happiness mantras from our pink delegate Anju:

  • Be obsessed and frank about the things you like. (No room for pretence)
  • Crack loads of PJs all the time. (No time for sad topics)
  • Giggle heartily for the meanest of the jokes. (Hell I need my daily dose of medicine-laughter)
  • Be a caring listener. (When needed pop in timely PJs and lighten the environment)
  • Have stage fear for singing. (I need one thing to stay imperfect)
  • Be a fast learner. (So as to while away free time in merriment)
  • Be a good friend to everyone. (I need my own trained gang to laugh at my PJs and make me look grand ;) )
  • Be a breath of fresh air everywhere. (Gloomy people stink!)
  • Face every problem with a smile on face. ('Ba noodkotteni' attitude. Rough translation into Hindi: "Aa dekhe zara, kisme kitna hain dum"
  • Be the ambassador of goodness.
A part of Anju's happiness aura has rubbed off on me and I am a happier person than I was before I met her. The greatest lessons of life can come from the most normal of things (forgive the usage of a philosophical cliche!). While most of us are involved in trivial feelings such as irritation, sloth, jealousy, bitchiness and selfishness we need people like my friend Anju who represent childlike excitement, motherly care, boyish enthusiasm, killer humour and heartfelt friendship. She leads a joyful life which requires the highest purity of heart. In this month of October, my month of happiness I pledge to keep myself and my closed ones happi.

Happy birthday Anju! 

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