Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Reflection on status of women!!

Indians are well aware of the mentality where girls are forbidden to receive education to their heart's content. Though Indian secular society is not as vile as it's Pakistani counterpart, there still exists a general belief among a considerable portion of the society that "girls are better suited for kitchen work". Although this menial thinking of Indians is up for a change, our neighbouring country faces the devilish wrath of Islamic fanatics who more than discourage women education.

Malala Yousafzai, a 14 year old child who has been nominated for the International Children's Peace Prize and has won Pakistan's first National Youth Peace Prize has done more than what an adult could have possibly done for  advocating women education. During the first battle of Swat (Malala's hometown), taliban had a ban on music, entertainment, shopping and education for women. It was then that Malala wrote a blog for BBC under a pseudonym that put her under Taliban's radar. For 3 years of continuous fight for women education, Malala was gifted with 2 bullets by Taliban-one on her neck and the other on her head. In hope that the activist doesn't wither as a martyr, I pray for her speedy recovery and for Pakistani women empowerment. More on Malala: .

The dire terrorism is not as widespread in India as it is in our neighbouring Islamic countries. However  women still do not live in the egalitarian society which is usually spoken of. There is a harsh realistic distinction between developed India and the actual India. In a recent survey of 128 countries India has been ranked 115 for women economic empowerment. A small portion of the affluent and upper middle class societies have independent free women. But the major chunk of Indian populace- the middle class is bewildered and in a state of confusion. While middle class men want their houses and children to be looked after by intelligent wise women, they haven't yet come in terms with handling an economically independent women sect. The idea of their women not being dependable terrifies Indian men. The double standards of Indian men as well as women is on display below:

I want my princess daughter to grow up as sushil-sharmili and one day become the president of India!
Dude if your daughter doesn't pick up the qualities of assertiveness and confidence during her initial years of growing up how do you think she would look like as an adult? Social, brave and outgoing or gullible, dependent and introvert!!

We do not want her to face the hardships of hostel life; she is going to be fine a doctor without all that!
Mr and Mrs. Helicopter parents,

Yes sure! As soon as your daughter becomes a doctor she is going to be protected 24*7 by the chivalrous good hearted male colleagues. She just needs to know how to handle stethoscope and not worry about handling people. On seeing a female doctor, people will just be super nice and won't give her a hard time.

Yours sincerely
A girl from hostel and the one who believes it was a waste of time living there

My little girl is adept at doing household chores and even helps her brother in his studies. We don't want to burden him with the meagre household tasks!
Such a noble decision. Why would a boy learn to do his work when he has mother and sister to care for him? Even in future his dear daddy would find a daughter in law on whom the son can burden his work! While the daughter would sweat it out in her sasural bringing good name to her parents. Such a happy story.

Honey! Please give up hopes of higher education and get married. We cannot afford yours while we have a son's higher education to look after.
The obliging ideal well cultured daughter should consider it her fate that her parents even allowed her to get a degree. She should now channelize her search for a groom who would sponsor her higher education.

Watching TV
Dad says:
We completely support the causes of slut walk and find these remarks derogatory!
Mom snaps at her daughter:
Don't you have any shame wearing such provocative top; immediately change your dress. And you are not entering our house unless you return the knee length skirt to the shop.

Not to forget the final and most important burden placed on Indian girls: that of looking fair and lovely. How many girls are condemned and deprived of opportunities for not being fair or beautiful? Of course not in the field of glamour but in day to day life. While India has been blessed with education opportunities for women, its high time that education is made good use of. Let the hypocrisy die soon and girls be as free to lead a satisfactory life as boys are.


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